AFRA Perfumery bloomed in Boston with all the flowers in the spring. Elegantly composing fragrances for our modern day with affectionate scents and African rituals. Founded by Afra Ali, an architect by trade and a perfumer by passion.


    A centuries-old tradition, in Sudan the making of a bridal fragrance is an essential ritual. A skill handed down from woman to woman, generation to generation, this communal and complex art form is often seen as bottled storytelling.

    At AFRA we offer a window into these ancient traditions, within each vessel of glass is an anointing fragrance, rich in culture, ceremony and service.


    Every bride’s “Khumra” perfume is unique to her and her family. While each fragrance can encapsulate certain notes, there is a composition of ingredients that rounds out every scent experience. The raw materials are carefully picked from the highest quality of sandalwood to the freshest musk.


    Beauty lover Afra Ali, inspired by the richness of Sudanese custom bridal perfume "Khumra" and its creation, noticed that the world was unaware of its luxury and authenticity. Her journey of introducing the perfume to the world started by creating a brand that reflects their depth.

At Afra Perfumery, we are committed to using the finest ingredients to create a luxurious and unforgettable sensory experience. Each of our perfumes is carefully crafted to evoke the senses and transport you to the vibrant landscapes of Africa. Our perfumes exude authenticity and luxury, which can be immediately noticed through their refined packaging and tantalizing scent.

We are dedicated to sustainability and ethical practices, and take great care in selecting each ingredient to ensure that our perfumes are of the highest quality. We are proud to be part of the luxury market and strive to provide our customers with a truly unforgettable and luxurious experience. Thank you for considering Afra Perfumery and we hope to have the pleasure of welcoming you into our world of African inspired luxury.